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CKNM オリジナル Tシャツ新作続々登場です
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What is “CKNM”?
It’s Canoe Kayak Net Magazine.

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CKNM is initials of Canoe Kayak Net Magazine.
The author Numajiri who understands canoeing education such as several European developed countries alone and North America operates WEB site etc in Japan only. (Except Polo and a free style)
In this WEB article, I am introducing world’s canoe kayak information including fun and games as soon as possible.
Apart from WEB, I also publish Education Books to spread the right canoe education to Japan.
In order to guide the wrong Japanese canoing way in the right direction and also to spread the canoe kayak players, I am pushing for the support of readers and working hard to disseminate to the world.

CKNM history

2005 Le FOCH France Information Bureau started
2006 Canoe Kayak International Meeting WEB started.
2012 dissolution of above
2012 Canoeing kayak net magazine open to the public
2013 publication of the strongest handbook of canoe kayak Japan history (basics: tools, environment, rowing method, etc.)
2014 Canoe Kayak Japan’s strongest support book ever published (basic aid etc.)
2014 Canoe Kayak News Magazine No.2 No.2 Issued
CMS change in 2015
2015 Canoe Kayak Japan’s strongest earnest book publication (Progress and schedule etc.)
2016 Canoe Kayak Japan’s strongest improve book publication (latest competition rowing method, down river rowing method, etc.)
2016 Canoe Kayak News Magazine 2016 First half term publication
2017 Canoe Kayak Japan ‘s Strongest Cultivate Book publication (The latest game competition method Nor analysis and surf ski foundation etc)
2017 Change from domain FOCHMAG.com to FOCHMAG.TOKYO (Currently .com is completely owned by others, please be careful.)
2017 Changed WEB site to SSL communication
※ passed to the Diet Library of Japan Diagnostic Review Conference. Regular collection completed.

· About articles written about Japanese legislation
The author of CKNM is a national qualified “Real Estate Transaction Specialist”. In order to be able to interpret the law correctly, it is also possible to write legitimate articles against non-professional legal statements.
We also hold other legal system private qualifications.

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